Welcome to the WesQL Web Client Tools

WesQL is a suite of web client tools for interacting with relational databases. With WesQL you can connect to and interact with the relational databases owned by the IGS group at Wesleyan University. The IGS databases are hosted on Microsoft SQL Servers, but with WesQL you can use them from any computer with a web browser.

To use WesQL you must first login. If you are familiar with SQL you can use the Query Input section to run ad hoc database queries. Otherwise, the Stored Procedures section allows you to browse and run stored procedures via user friendly menus.

Note: To use WesQL you should make sure that you have the lastest version of your browser. You must also make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled for your browser.

For help with WesQL email rstewart@wesleyan.edu.
For help with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 use the SQL Server 2000 Books Online.

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Development of WesQL is funded by the Wesleyan Hughes Program.

Created by Rob Stewart, Will Gladstone, and Dr. Michael Rice.